Cross Sector Institute is a community and educational platform by and for global citizens who seek to share and receive knowledge in a world where social responsibility has become the norm, no longer the exception.

Market place pressures demanding sustainability, transparency and values based businesses are causing the four sectors (citizen, business, not for profit and government) to come together in a unified field of thinking.  This shift is producing new business models that are exciting, risky and unmapped.

Committed to this new business paradigm, we “walk the talk” in our own companies and extend any information we have to our peers in an effort to ensure their success in leading sustainable, thriving and values based businesses.

Accredited (CLE) Classes

Cross Sector attorneys share their expertise regarding issues emerging in the often-uncharted landscape of sustainability and social innovation. Classes cover growing internal and external compliance constraints, new global regulatory reporting requirements, supply chain’s role as the enforcer of social responsibility initiatives, and ways to fill growing talent needs with the arrival of younger workers expecting to work for conscious businesses.

“A thought-provoking presentation on the changing landscape of ‘corporate social responsibility’ in today’s culture and what we, as lawyers, can do to shape that landscape for our clients and ourselves.  This presentation and discussion it generated was a good starting point for many for discussions to come.” 

Avani Gossai, Director, Morae Legal Corporation

Consulting and Training Programs

The Cross Sector community of subject matter experts offer services that help businesses navigate the social innovation movement. Companies with strong social responsibility programs increase their competitive edge, have a more robust and engaged talent pool, attract impact investors and contribute to the resolution of the world’s most pressing issues. They build a competitive advantage and drive revenue while they make a difference in the world around them.

Charity Support 

In addition to education and community involvement, 10% of Cross Sector class registration fees support selected non-profits at the choice of our registrants.

Table Talk 

The Cross Sector community meets regularly to discuss ways they can run more conscious companies with a positive impact both internally and to the world at large. These “Solutionaries” unite to actively implement solutions and “walk the talk”.