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Join our tribe of changemakers and companies setting the trend in conscious leadership as we share and collaborate about best practices in the social impact space.

This group of “Solutionaries” challenge conventional wisdom daily for ways they can increase their bottom line while they leave a positive imprint on their communities and the world.

Cross Sector Institute (CSI) is committed to helping companies succeed in the new business world of corporate accountability and social impact. CSI helps companies bolster their communities by creating and executing on a social impact strategy—building a competitive advantage and driving revenue while they make a difference in the world around them.


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How to use Empathy to Increase Your Social Impact and Profits! with Dorothy Mankey

We see it all around us, the way we work is changing. The rise of the GIG economy, the shifting demographics in our country, and constantly evolving technology are all changing the expectations of our employees. Today’s Leaders, culture builders, and HR professionals are being called on to sit at the table with knowledge of people and behavioral economics. To attract and retain people we are asked to apply that knowledge to the organization and craft a world-class employee experience that is both meaningful and enjoyable. This makes us ask:

  • How can leaders and HR professionals take the lead in crafting and shaping the employee experience?

  • How can we design meaningful, best in class experiences that engage employees at all stages, from candidates through alumni?

  • Equally important, how can we help build and reinforce critical skills of learning and innovation throughout the organization?

The answer? Empathy. Come join the conversation around and learn how you can leverage empathy to design a thriving culture and create meaningful employee experiences that keep your employees engaged, productive, and retained.

Dorothy helps people flourish at work - and in turn, helps businesses thrive. Dorothy and her business partner Erin run Coreisma Consulting. Dorothy and Erin leverage design thinking and coaching methodologies to bring empathy and courage to the workplace. Dorothy is part of Brené Brown’s inaugural class of Dare to Lead facilitators. She and Erin teach leadership development and work with teams, leaders, and employees to develop critical skills for innovation, communication, influencing, and social-emotional intelligence. They run a network for conscious leaders in Austin. Dorothy is a native Austinite, a mom, and a triathlete.



Understanding your customer means never failing! How to create and maintain a customer-centric business with Rob Kaczmarek

The new world of business is all about understanding your customer, their buying patterns and how they interact with the world and your company. Decades ago, the mantra was “the customer is always right.” Success today equals knowledge and a clear understanding and analysis of your customer’s needs and habits. Companies that invest in customer-centric methods and processes outperform the S&P 500 by a margin of 228%. Join other business leaders as we discuss ways you can engage.

Rob Kaczmarek brings behavioral science and computer science together to create transformational technology experiences globally. Studying the way people interact with their phones, computers and other devices and then aligning business strategies based on those insights is how Rob optimizes value and revenues.

Rob has an entrepreneurial background launching 2 global technology companies and a service company aimed at transforming peoples’ experience with technology. With a background firmly planted in Computer Science he has spent his career delivering customer-centric innovation to challenging markets and worked with the likes of Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Formula 1, RCR Racing, Roush Yates, McLaren, BMW, GE, Rolls Royce and numerous others.



Five Secrets To Maximize Your Marketing For Social Impact! with Kim Carpenter

When companies try to be everything to everyone, they don't stand out. They're not memorable. They don’t make an impact. Those who want to connect with their customers need to meet them where they are. In today's world, it's not enough for you to sell a product or service. Customers are expecting you to take a position on social and political issues in order to earn their business and loyalty. Cone Communications published a study that showed, “63% of American consumers were looking to businesses to take the lead on social and environmental change.” More than half, a total 56 percent, of Generation Z consider themselves socially-conscious and more than 50 percent report knowing a brand is socially-conscious influences their purchasing decisions. So, are you making an impact or playing it safe?

Kim Carpenter is the Founder of World Changing Women, where she helps women successfully grow businesses that make the world a better place. Her career began in 1996, leading accounts in New York City's top advertising and digital marketing agencies, where her client roster included The United Nations, MasterCard, Blue Shield, Nike, Pepsi and Office Max. Kim has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs in how to create stand-out marketing strategies so they can exponentially grow their reach, revenue and impact.