Thank you for your interest in joining the Cross Sector community of experts!

The Cross Sector faculty (“Thought Chiefs”) are some of the best and the brightest in their fields.  They are committed to sharing their expertise with other socially responsible individuals and companies in a world demanding transparency, accountability and corporate citizenship.  This group of men and women “walk the talk”, leading by example and supporting those interested in this new paradigm of business.

Cross Sector Institute (CSI) offers courses (both live and online) to any business interested in growing its social responsibility program.  In addition, legal support providers are provided CLE accredited programs in the burgeoning new practice area of social responsibility and sustainability.  The classes offer tools to attorneys equipping them to help their clients navigate the often-unchartered waters of sustainability directives, regulations and the general expectations of the marketplace. Why you should join our community of Thought Chiefs:

Show the world your expertise and commitment to sustainability!

  • Teach live and online classes

  • Write for the CSI Blog

Gain visibility to your industry peers and new clients

  • Link your CSI profile to your personal website/social media for additional visibility

  • Exchange ideas with like-minded visionaries at CSI networking events.

Receive free classes on the CSI site while you are on the faculty!

Make money while you are sleeping!

In addition to live events and webinars, you will receive passive income when your classes are purchased on the CSI platform.  Thought Chiefs are paid based on class registration (both online and live) for their class.  Class hours are charged to the user at $64 per class hour, with $30/per class hour as faculty payment and the remainder covering overhead and platform costs.  Thus, if your class is 1.5-hours, the class will be charged at $96, and you will receive $45 per class registration. 

Online education is one of the fastest growing forms of learning and fulfilling necessary requirements.  If 100 registrants download your one-hour class, you will receive $3000 (more than full recovery of your initial per class investment with Cross Sector).  If 1000 registrants download your class, you will receive $30,000 and so forth.  You do the numbers!  You will receive a monthly report of class registrations to each of your classes when you are paid.

To join the team as a CSI Thought Chief!

  • Submit your application to Cross Sector Institute for approval. *Cross Sector Law classes also include bar accreditation fees.

  • Upon approval, submit color headshot and bio (200 words max) that shows your commitment as a practitioner to social responsibility; video and administration fee.

  • Film one video for each course submitted at the CSI studio pursuant to CSI guidelines.

  • *For most Cross Sector Law classes, be a registered attorney with an active state bar license in at least one state; assist CSI team with state bar submissions for accreditation; teach one live class for each class submitted in addition to the video.

  • Request an application form by emailing us at  We will review your course suggestions and confirm that they are a welcome new addition to the course curriculum and respond as soon as possible.

I look forward to meeting and learning about you as another committed to leaving a positive impact both in our own businesses and those of our clients and customers.



Linda Lattimore