Sandie Marrinucci
Director of Communications

Sandie Marrinucci is the Founder and driving force behind Unbridled Communications, an agency created to address the marketing and communications needs of companies committed to conscious business.  Her background in marketing and communications for large, multi-national technology firms including Compaq Computer, EDS, and Hewlett-Packard where she served as Executive Communications Manager is significant. In these positions, Sandie developed strategic communication plans, websites, and produced webcasts and events for a broad range of projects and initiatives. Many of her programs significantly increased employee participation, engagement, and understanding of the organization’s strategy and increased revenue within the new paradigm of business in a world of social responsibility.

As an award-winning and published author with a flair for simplifying the complex, Sandie has a passion for helping people and companies tell their stories and articulate and share their vision and work as a means to engage all of their stakeholders.  She is an avid equestrian and passionate about the human-horse connection and has developed a leadership program for young girls that uses the horse, not only as a metaphor but as a guide for learning how to move through life and lead with compassion, integrity, and courage. You can reach Sandie at